Thursday, September 6, 2012

Iowa City

Iowa City :)
This blog post is extremely picture heavy...
So, if you like the pictures--here you go!
If not--sorry!
We got into Iowa City Saturday night.
We all stayed until Sunday at which point Pete left for Orange City.
The kids and I stayed until Wednesday (I think).
We had a FULL week and a great visit!

Our first visit with Gramma Markee at her new house.
(Last time we were in Iowa City (a year ago!) we saw the new place but it was the week before she moved in.)

At the Iowa Children's Museum.
It was my first visit and it was INCREDIBLE!

Cooling off with the new little pool and 'Hello Kitty' sprinkler :)

Riding the merry go round with Grandpa & Grandma at the mall while Mom and Dad did some shopping.
Em picked out these moustache sunglasses for Daddy!

Noah rode the tractor.

 We took Emily ice skating for the first time!
Pete was a great teacher for her :) 

Noah had fun with Grandma. 

Family photo at the ice rink.

Story time at the public library.
Picking out books with Grandma.
Puppet shows!

Telling secrets
More books

Another thing we got to do (but I don't have pictures from) is going to 'Open Gym' at the Iowa Gym-Nests.   Emma and Noah had a great time there too.

Meeting Hattie!!
Playing on the playground with Grandpa!

We walked to the park near Great Gramma Markee's home
We pushed Gramma in her wheelchair and despite her face in this photo, I think she enjoyed it.

Pete did :)

Noah LOVED Sasha.
LOVED her.
This next sequence of 10 photos are my favorite.
Noah did this OVER and OVER again!
Step 1.  Go to the counter and beg for dog treats.
Step 2. Get said dog treat from Grandma (she fell for it every time)  ;)
Step 3. RUN (on your baby feet that go pat-pat-pat-pat-pat when you run) through the dining room to Sasha (in the living room)
Step 4.  Feed treat to Sasha.
Step 5. Applaude for yourself and repeat.  :)


Meeting up with great friends back at the library

We tried to get a group picture, but these (above and below) were the best we managed.

Sometimes* ;) visiting is more important than the photo.
After a week or two of terrible eating habits for this little guy, I cracked down and made him eat well.
He was NOT happy about it!
Out for a bike ride near Grandpa and Grandma's house.
Dandelion for good luck.
It was SO great to catch up with Jenny :)
She's on the east coast, I'm on the west... our parents are neighbors and thanks to her hounding me for our travel dates we finally got to see each other!
The last time we got together Russell and Em were babies!

I love you, Gramma.  

Baking cookies with Grandma!

Watching a deer in the backyard. . .
(It's down just past the treehouse to the left.)
. . .and playing in the water table with Grandpa.
Hi Noah!

At a University health clinic getting Noah's ear checked out.
He had an ear infection right before we left and he started pulling at it again, but the doctor said he was fine.  Better safe than sorry!

Books before bed.

Playing with stickers at Great Gramma Markee's.

Our last visit with Gramma for this trip.
Noah enjoyed 'talking' with Gramma.
They seemed to understand each other and enjoy one another's company.  :)
Good bye Iowa City!
Thanks for a great visit!

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