Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Road to Iowa

The Road to Iowa City
Friday, August 17-Saturday, August 18

Friday morning we packed up and hit the road.  We drove to Kearney, NE and it definitely felt like a long driving day!   (Partly because it was a long day, and partly because let's face it... the scenery in Nebraska can't quite compete with California, Utah and Colorado!  
 Lots of road work in Nebraska...
We didn't get to our hotel in Kearney until 11pm at which point the kids woke up, we played in the hotel room until midnight, slept until 4 and then got back on the road.

 Saturday's sunrise over I-80.
There may not be much to look at on the ground, but I sure do love those clouds!!

 Saturday morning we got to Omaha around 8 (I think... I honestly don't remember anymore!)
We found a McDonald's for breakfast and then met Tamra, Nathan and Daniel at a nearby park.  :)
It was so great to see them again--especially since they're moving to Germany right after their baby #2 arrives later this year!

After playing for awhile, they introduced us to Jones Bros' Cupcakes which were delicious!

 After our snack we continued on to Adel, Iowa.
Where's Adel?  I didn't know either until our good friends the Schrocks moved (back) there a couple weeks ago.  It's right off of I-80 near Des Moines... apparently I've been driving right past all these years, but now we have friends there so we'll have to stop--plus they have the most delicious sweet corn ever.  EVER.  :)

This isn't my favorite picture (why aren't my children and I looking at the camera??) but it's all I've got.  
The Schrocks were super sweet and made an incredible lunch for us--even on short notice.
We definitely miss our friends, but it was great to see them briefly (Schrocks and Healds!) on our road trip.

On the road again...

Proof that I did at least a little of the driving. 

Iowa City... the view as we approach Hickory Trail.  :)
I love seeing all those trees.

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