Thursday, September 6, 2012

Orange City

Orange City, Iowa!

On Wednesday my parents drove us halfway to Orange City where Pete picked us up.
Grandpa sat in the back and entertained the kids--thanks Dad!
When we met Pete it was time to move all our stuff---no small feat when on a month long road trip! 

In Orange City there was a LOT of marching band. . .

and playing with cousin Joey :)  

I think the outrageous heat got to Peter ;)

the students (and the staff) worked really hard all week

 and we enjoyed watching the evening rehearsals (when it was a little bit cooler)

(I love this picture of Jo)

Peter 'show stopper' Connell hard at work

 The sweet kids in the pit befriended Emily.  (See her sitting in there watching?)
Noah just wandered around in amazement half the time. 

Their favorite part of band camp though, is riding in Grandpa's golf cart after rehearsal!

So much fun!

Twinsies at the park 

Inside band rehearsal (Wonderful A/C!)

102 at 6pm?!?

That calls for some ice cream at the ice cream capitol of the world--LeMars, IA!

 This (above) is more or less what corn should look like now. . .

 Unfortunately, due to the drought and the heat, THIS is what a lot of the corn looked like instead!


 Isn't she lovely?

Her new Hello Kitty dress matches the flowers, too!

Who speaks Dutch and knows what the bridge says?
Does that say 'Welcome to Orange City'?
 (That has always been my assumption...)


our curious little guy exploring the bridge. . .

 Noah and Patches

hugs for cousins!

adorable, right?  :) 

 Steve's student and his "Wheely Good Ice Cream" came by again.  Yum!

 Grandpa flying his RC plane.

 Watching the hot air balloon. . .

Uncle Paul explaining something to Emily. Noah was too interested in the gravel to pay attention.

 Gpa and Gma's house :)
Time to pack up and get home. . . thanks Orange City. . . see you next time!

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  1. I don't really speak Dutch, but I know that welcome is "welkom" so it doesn't say welcome to orange city. I'm guess BRIDGE to Orange City. major nostalgia for me with these pictures. band camp, the Connell house, the hot air times.