Monday, October 25, 2010

September Week 4

September 26th :: October 2nd

We were all home this week, busy with our normal schedules.
Monday and Wednesday I have rehearsal for the musical, Tuesday I teach lessons, and Thursdays Pete teaches marching band. By the time Friday comes we are all ready to spend some time together and relax. Lately we have been going to the Valley football games where Emily loves to run around with her friends (and several of my students who love chasing her around).

Saturday morning was the BOPA Car Wash.
We all went and spent 4-5 hours there, helping wash a little but mostly doing other stuff like taking photos, talking to the people who came to wash their cars, catching up with former students, and helping a little to organize the kiddos while chasing my own little sweetie pie.
A few hours in she found her friend, Chloe.
Chloe is the band director's daughter and they're only one month apart.
They had a lot of fun running around imitating each other.

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