Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October Week 2

October Week 2

Today was a travel day for us. We drove from Orange City to Omaha and then flew home to Long Beach via Salt Lake City. I was a nervous wreck about the flights, but all things considered, they went quite well. If you read my last blog post you'll understand why we won't be getting on another plane for a long time! Let's just say... it's GOOD to be HOME!!!

Today was an inservice day, so no kiddos to teach.
The day was split into three parts...
The first was working on our WASC Accreditation.
Secondly we met with our departments so I spent time with the other music faculty.
Lastly we met K-8 to discuss formative and summative assessment.
It wasn't necessarily 'fun', but beneficial, and any day when I can wear jeans and have a lower energy level (not teaching middle school) is fine by me. :)

10/12 ::10/13 :: 10/14 :: 10/15
It was back to our normal busy schedule for the rest of the week.
However, as busy as we may be, we are still able to find lots of family time...
especially in comparison to our crazy summer!

Today we celebrated Emily's 3rd birthday!
Michael & Jill came over for her "birthday party"... (dinner, presents, cake & ice cream)
We all had a great time.
Today I learned that as much as I enjoy the show "Cake Boss" I do not enjoy baking or decorating cakes, nor do I have a gift for it. I'll often see cakes other people (usually other moms) have made and think:
'hey, that's cute! i could do that!'
well, maybe I could...
but at this point, I don't really want to spend the time or energy! :)
Especially since Emily was perfectly happy with her imperfect cake!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!
We love you so much!!

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