Saturday, October 2, 2010

August Week 4

August Week 4
August 22-28

We cherish our Monday nights when Pete is home.

Tonight we made a (huge) fire in our fire pit.

This is the last week of the show and I can hardly wait to have Peter home more!!!
Pete, Nathan & Breezy climbing a tree in Balboa Park before dinner and Pete's show, "Robin & The 7 Hoods". Lenee and I stayed put on the ground to take pictures. :)
It was a lot of fun to see the show one more time. :)

so, this is an old photo...
and I usually don't include pictures of things that have been peed on... ;)

However, we decided it was time for an announcement! :)
As of this week (the last week of August) we are 10 weeks pregnant,
and excitedly anticipating a new baby in our family in mid-March!
This is our first ultrasound from earlier this month.
We were very happy and relieved to see that so far our baby is healthy and growing :)
(This ultrasound was done at 6 weeks, but you can already see a little beating heart!)
We love you baby! :)

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