Monday, October 18, 2010

September Week 2

September 12-18

Emily is our tiny dancer. :)

She loves to dress up as a ballerina and twirl around the room.
Lately we have been turning on the classical music station for her and letting her put on a dance recital for us.
Her mommy 'dance lessons' are limited to pliés, relevés, chassés, sautés, pirouettes, arabesques and the like, so I guess it's time to look into real dance classes. :)

This weekend Pete went to Minnesota for marching band stuff, and Amy & Ella were kind enough fly out and visit us for the weekend! We had a great time showing them around, but my camera battery died so I'll need to get photos from Amy!

We played dress up at home, went to Disneyland, Seal Beach, ate at Chick-Fil-A, CPK & Golden Spoon, and crammed as much 'Southern California' stuff into a few days as we could!

One of the most memorable moments was at the beach when Emily had a swim suit full of sand (from rolling around in the waves) and decided to just whip it off while running down the beach and made her preggo momma chase after her and tackle her with a towel to stop the streaking episode! Another family nearby laughed and after I returned to our stuff to dress my child said, "Well, she's got sand in her pants! Can you blame her?" ...Guess not... :)

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