Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 3

The third week of October was from October 14th-20th.
All (nearly 50) of these photos are from Wednesday, October 17th--
Emily's 5th Birthday!

 We kept Emily home from school on Wednesday so we could celebrate her birthday together as a family.  We started the day with birthday donuts and some presents!
Once we were ready for the day it was time for DISNEYLAND! 
We rode the tram in from Downtown Disney. . . 
After arriving in Tomorrowland, Emily looked at the map and showed us where she wanted to go.  :)

First up: Toon Town!

 Waiting in line to see Minnie Mouse. . .

(We took Noah to daycare for a bit. . . and although I felt bad dropping him off, I think it was the right choice not only for Emily but for him too because he could stick to a more normal schedule, eat his regular healthy food and take a nice nap.  I had to go back to school to teach one class after lunch, so I picked him up early and we joined Peter and Emily again in the afternoon.

Before I left at lunch time we went to CA Adventure and rode Soarin' Over California.  
The line was long, but the ride was worth it!  :) 

For dinner we made a special reservation at Ariel's Grotto.
When it was our turn, we went down the spiral staircase where Ariel was waiting to talk to Emily and wish her a happy birthday.  :)
Em was in awe.

After our visit with Ariel we were taken to our table and brought a tower of appetizers and delicious starfish shaped bread :)
Em was given a princess crown to decorate. . . 
we chose our entrees. . .

. . .and then--surprise! 
 A man came out and sang a [super cheesy] song and then introduced:
Snow White!
Snow White came around to all of the tables to visit and take pictures.
Emily LOVED it!

. . .and then. . .

less than 5 minutes later. . .
Aurora came too! 
 Emily loves Aurora (aka I know you)
so she was thrilled!

For as many times as she has been to Disneyland, it's not very often that you get to see any princesses....
let alone THREE!

Make that FOUR!
A couple minutes later Cinderella came over to visit!

 And lastly, Minnie Mouse!
(Noah wasn't too sure about the Princesses, but he happily gave Minnie a high five!)

 After all of that excitement, Emily kept turning around in her seat, staring at the door that the princesses had come out of.  Despite how delicious the food was, she was hardly interested.  ;)
Until. . . 
the waiter brought her a treasure box with a birthday cake inside!

 Happy Birthday, Emily!

(I'm not sure how we'll top THAT birthday dinner!) 

We walked straight over to Disneyland (Ariel's Grotto is in CA Adventure) and guess who we ran into?
Ariel and Cinderella!
(Seriously... that never happens!)

Peter and I were impressed, because Em was wearing a button from dinner and Ariel spotted it and said "You just had dinner with me, didn't you!  How was it?"
Cinderella came over too and caught on right away talking to Em about dinner. 
 Emily felt SO special  :)

 The last thing we did at Disney today was go to the Soundsational Parade on Main Street.

 More princesses
 Including Tangled!  (Rapunzel) who spotted Emily in her Rapunzel dress and waved 'hello!'

 Noah loved the parade, especially when the performers were up close :)
Hello Tinkerbell! 
Noah waving at Tink! 
 This parade is definitely one of my favorite Disney parades ever...
maybe second only to the Main Street Electrical Parade

 Goodbye Disney, thanks for a great day celebrating our little girl's birthday!

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  1. these are so great, Sarah...I really liked hearing about all of your adventures and Emily's special day.