Thursday, October 4, 2012

August 3

August Week 3
August 12th-August 18th

Closing Ceremonies

Pretend City in Irvine 
 This was a great day!
We went to the Irvine Spectrum--window shopped, ate lunch; then went to Pretend City, and finally to the beach!

Family beach day at Corona del Mar (same day as Pretend City) 

 i love you.

I used to love to stand like this too... feel the sand fall away from under your feet with the tide...

  I love watching her play in the ocean.  :)

 Back home later in the week...
trying to beat the heat in the shade of the front yard.

I have been on a major purge to get rid of stuff from our house.
Here are many bags of it getting donated to the Salvation Army on Saturday morning.

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