Friday, October 5, 2012

August 4

August Week 4
 Speaking of purging stuff from the house (last week's post). . .
The time came to go through Emily's artwork.
 She and I worked very hard during a couple days of Noah's nap time.
We took a picture of everything, and then chose several from each year to keep.
The rest were thrown away!
I uploaded the pictures of her art into a book, and now we have a small photo book instead of the massive piles of papers!
 (This is one of about 15 stacks!)

 Our front yard is (relatively) nice and cool in the late afternoon, so we have been hanging out there.
Em likes to read, color, or play games on my iPad and Noah loves to wander around, collecting sticks and stones.

Noah--where's your nose?

Where's your mouth?

 Where's Noah's tummy?

 Such a smart boy!

 At the park

The view at the park. . . palm trees, and the ocean.  :)

 Jamba Juice--yum!

A very poorly sliced pizza.  

 My new haircut.
I have bangs for the first time since 4th grade!

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