Thursday, October 18, 2012

August 5

August Week 5
August 26-September 1

Just a bunch of pictures at home this week!

 Taking a photo of my new haircut and bangs :)

 Em made oreo pops

 my little man


 so handsome!

Her new umbrella

just like daddy

yummy chocolate milk

 Saturday afternoon fort building

 Noah's new smile/squint

I bought a uniform skirt from the thrift store and cut it up to make these hair clips for Emily!
Cute, right?  :)

The past several nights in a row Emily has climbed into the crib with Noah.  :)
They sleep surprisingly well this way, but we always end up moving her back to her own bed 
Emily's new dress and headband from the pinkadink
I love it and it's super cute, but she refused to let me take her picture in it--little stinker!
This dress however, she was more than pleased to pose ;) 

 silly faces

See you next week!

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