Sunday, January 22, 2012


Welcome twenty twelve!

I don't have high ambitions for this blog... let's be honest, it doesn't come anywhere close to topping my list of priorities, however it might be nice to try to blog more than just the weekly photos... maybe... no promises!

So, to start the year I already have to get caught up!  Whoops!  I'm going to try to post 'weekly' posts of just my project life photos or perhaps I'll take pictures of the album spreads so that you can see how it all comes together... since I don't have a good photo printer at home though it just depends on when I get my pictures ordered.  (Which depends on when the various websites decide to send me coupon codes for free or super cheap prints!)

My goal with this project is to document our life as it happens, in an enjoyable, stressless manner because I know this is a busy season with little ones and I want to be able to look back and remember it.  I'm pretty happy with my 2011 project life--I finished it up the first week of January and I even have all (except for maybe a dozen) of the journalling cards filled in!  Emily loves looking back at it, and even our 2010 album with its gaping holes!

In any case, I usually get all nostalgic about the end of the year, and while 2011 was great (mostly because Noah joined our family!!), I'm excited to be starting a new year... and I'm tackling quite the list of organizational projects around the house in the spirit of 'out with the old, in with the new' and getting a fresh start.  :)  More on those later... maybe.

The only 'projects' I'm taking on today are reintroducing myself to solid foods, buying a new can of Lysol and rewashing all of our sheets as I am hoping that we are *finally* over the stomach flu in our house. (I'll spare you the details, but it caught all of us.  Yuck.)

So.... Happy New Year from the Connells!  ...twenty two days late.  :)

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