Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our Life: December Week Four

December 25-December 31

Merry Christmas!

 (sooooo many presents!)

Num num num... I love my train!
What?  I'm not supposed to eat it?!  :) 
He wasn't so sure about Bullseye....
Uncle Michael & Aunt Jill stopped by after we got home from church
Happy belated 9 months to Noah! 

check out all that static electricity! :)
We love our new wagon!!

I decided to try to take some self-timer shots so I could get in a few pictures.
This is the last week with Pete gone all the time... 
it has been 8 LONG weeks, but we're almost done! 

 New Year's Eve...
Pete got home just after dinner time, and now he's DONE!
Happy New Year to Me! 

We stopped by our friends' NYE party for an hour or so and then came back to celebrate at home with Grandpa & Grandma Patches who are in town for Grandpa's work.
(Funny... I didn't get a picture!?!)

I dug this out of storage and know my parents will recognize it :)
Emily loves her "new" nightgown.

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