Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our Life: December Week Two

December Week Two
December 11th-17th (well, the 18th too!)

Tuesday (12.13) was my final Christmas concert of the season.  I'm so glad to be done!
We have 43 concerts this month between the two of us.
There are only 31 days in the month...
but we are managing to play and/or conduct 43 concerts (I think 37 of them are Pete's), raise 2 small kids, and I have a full time teaching job on top of that.  
It's crazy, I tell you.
(...and we are TIRED.)

I LOVE this boy! 
Happy 30th birthday to me!
Amidst the crazy schedule though, Peter and I both took personal days today and the kids were at school/daycare so Pete and I got to spend the morning out and about together just the two of us :) and then spend the afternoon and evening home as a family.  Perfect.  :) 
Check out Emma's expression in this photo... ha!
("Why are we taking a picture during dinner?")

Bathtime-- one of his last baths in the sink... time for the tub! 

 Friday was a half day of school and the start of our break.  Yipee!
I received an unprecedented number of gifts from my students which was also fun and unexpected!  :)  

(side note: this photo is from Saturday... pre-fever... no, I wouldn't put my kid in hot jammies like that if he had a fever!)

After school (at noon) I picked up the kids, came home, fed them lunch, packed our suitcase, loaded them up in the car and drove them (through AWFUL traffic) to Riverside to pick up Pete from a gig.  Then we drove through more awful traffic to San Diego, dropped Pete off at his next gig, went to the hotel, only to find out that they didn't have our reservation!  Fortunately it all worked out anyways, I got dinner for the kids and myself, played lots of games in our hotel room, and put them to bed.

San Diego was fun... we spent the weekend there with Pete at our favorite hotel (Seriously, we love this place!) and since we were in San Diego where Pete's show is, we saw a lot more of him which was the whole point!    :)  We spent our days swimming and playing in the hotel until Sunday morning when Noah woke up with a fever.  (Boo.)  I drove home with Em & Noah on Sunday afternoon while Pete stayed to play another show.

Sunday night while Pete was still at work Noah's temp was 103.8 degrees and I was on the phone with the nurse (who said not to come to the ER until it hit 105!!!).  Thankfully, our friends John & Kelley were able to come over for an hour or so while I tried to remain calm, talk to the doctors, bring down his temp with lukewarm baths and such, and put Emily to bed.
Emily made this handprint Christmas tree at school and wrapped it up as a gift for us.  :)
Her teacher helped her write "For Mommy & Daddy  Love, Emily" on the back.
Simple, sweet & perfect!

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