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Our Life: December Week Three

December Week Three
December 18-24, 2011

What a week!  We crammed a lot in!
Remember... we started Sunday in San Diego with a sick baby, but you've already heard that story!

 Monday, December 19th we had an ugly sweater/progressive dinner/Christmas party.
I was supposed to host the main course (lasagna) at our house.
Noah was sick the day/night before, so I took Kelley up on her offer to host... I still made the food, but it meant I didn't have to clean and get plates, etc.
Making three lasagnas was more work than I expected, but not too bad.
Some friends stepped up and took care of the rest.
(Becca's bread was amazing! yum!)
Pete had today off from work so we were going to go to the party together, but we had to split up... he went to the first couple courses while I watched our sick kids, then we switched.  I came home early so we could actually spend an evening together at home which was also nice.

Tuesday, December 20
Cookies & crafts with the VerVeldes and DeYoungs--
between the 3 families, there's a friend for everyone!
two 8 year old girls, two 6 year old boys, two 4 year old girls, two baby boys and three mamas happy to have some time off teaching to spend with our kiddos.  (And three daddys at work.)
{The photo is Em and her BFF Jocelyn.}

Noah playing with our Advent calendar at home.

 Wednesday, December 21
More cookie baking and decorating at Grasmeyer's!
(Becca & Jo)


 Wade (Em's new love), Em & Isaac

Thursday, December 22nd
Pete took today off from work so we crammed the day full of family Christmas fun, starting with a trip to South Coast Plaza to see Santa!! 
We ended the day with our annual sleepover under the Christmas tree!

 Emily got to stay up late with Mom & Dad and play games, drink hot chocolate and read lots of books.

 Friday, December 23rd
We had a Mommy & Me Christmas Crafting party at our house while Dad was at work.
Everything was great, except that while I was cleaning the bathroom beforehand, I was in a hurry and not paying attention, and I stood up under the medicine cabinet and hit my head REALLY hard... unlike anything I've ever done before.  Ouch!
Anyway, after the pain (and muscle spasms) subsided, I finished setting up and we had a fun afternoon.  
 Christmas Eve we all went down to San Diego for Pete's job.  
I played with the kids and after the show we drove straight to church.
We made it (barely) for the Christmas Eve service and then came home.

At home we ate a late (but yummy) dinner {Gotta love the crockpot!}
Then the kids each opened their one Christmas Eve gift (Noah opened his pjs, but since Em has so many pjs, she was happy to get slippers!)

Cookies and milk for Santa? {check}
Carrots for reindeer? {check}

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!

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