Sunday, December 5, 2010

November Week One

November 2010
Week One
October 31st-November 6th

Happy Halloween!

Emily was a ballerina this year and she was absolutely adorable!!

She has been sick, and although the doctor said she's probably not contagious anymore, we decided we shouldn't go to the Halloween party as planned.

Pete and I were bummed because we knew she would have loved to see her friends (and we would have loved to get some cute pictures of the little ones), but she didn't know the difference, so she was happy at home.

At each door she did a pirouette and then said 'trick or treat!'

After we finished trick-or-treating Emily enjoyed sitting by the window, watching to see the bigger kids come trick-0r-treating at our house.
Monday night I was coughing up a storm when Em said, "Mommy, you need tea and honey and jammies and to take a nap. It's ok, you'll feel better." Oh sweetie, I feel better already. :)

Wednesday was our anatomical ultrasound, and I have the ultrasound photos... just not online...
The doctors know the gender... but we decided not to find out :)
We do know that the baby looks healthy!
Friday morning Pete came to the middle school to talk to the 8th graders
about his career & calling.

That afternoon the guys left for their boys' weekend in MEXICO.

Emily and I had a relatively difficult weekend at home, but we survived,
and were just thankful they had fun and came home safely Monday night!!

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