Sunday, December 5, 2010

November Week Four

November 21-27

Happy Thanksgiving Break!

The morning was spent at inservice.
The afternoon had back-to-back doctor appointments for myself and baby.

Tuesday morning brought more meetings, but we were done early to start break.

Em's turkey from "Turkey at the Tiersma's" last Saturday.
Wednesday was spent relaxing...
Wednesday night Emily helped me make an apple pie.

Thursday morning we got up and started our food prep for the day, and then went to church.
I love our church's Thanksgiving service.
After church, we celebrated Thanksgiving as a family of three and though we would have loved to be with our extended family, it was perfect.
...perfectly simple...
...and sweet.

After naptime (we all took naps... every day... all week... and it was WONDERFUL.)

Em played while we took out the Christmas decorations Thursday night.
Pete set up the tree and I took care of the rest.
Thursday night Emily went over to Uncle Mike and Aunt Jill's and had a great time.

Mom and Dad woke up at 3 for some black friday shopping.
It's always an adventure, but this year I'm not sure it was worth it! :/
The Starbucks afterwards was nice though!

Thanks Michael & Jill :)

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