Sunday, December 5, 2010

November Week Three

November Week 3
November 14-20th

It's tech week for my middle school musical and it started well...
I thought I was handling the stress well...
...but I was tired...
...and not eating well...
...and not feeling well...

Wednesday, when I was supposed to be at our dress rehearsal, we had to call the ambulance, I ended up in the hospital, and we had quite the scare, but it ended up okay.

...Let's just say though... it was a long week.

I stayed home from school on Thursday and Friday, had several doctor appointments, but still directed the musical (Thursday and Friday) and it went well.

More importantly though, we found out that our baby is fine, and I'm going to be fine too.
The emergent ambulance part of Wednesday was a stress and vasovagal induced panic attack combined with gall stones, but we have had several follow up appointments and though I'm on an almost only chicken noodle soup diet, I'm feeling much better. :)

Anyway... the pictures are not all from this week... I was a bit busy to take photos... but they're within a week or so.

Someone landed behind bars ;)

Saturday at Disneyland with Mommy & Daddy

On Thursday and Friday I enjoyed a bunch of couch time and my favorite fall candles.
Roses from the cast of our musical.

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