Friday, August 15, 2014

Visiting with the Connell Family

The next week or so we spent visiting with Peter's family.

First we had a family reunion in northern Wisconsin at Laura's parents' new cabin which they graciously welcomed us in to.

Early on July 3rd we started the drive to the Northwoods of Wisconsin.
Most of the drive was beautiful and enjoyable,
until what should have been the last 30 minutes took 2+ hours due to an accident :( 
but eventually, we made it!
 Fishing with Grandpa Patches on Lake Adelaide
 Noah, Em and Maci hanging out on the dock
Maci, Austin, Emily, Noah and Tate (not pictured) trying to catch the fish with nets now... 
At the cute local 4th of July parade 
Making festive 4th of July American flag crafts 
 helping Maci with her star stickers
Uncle Paul making a flying leap into the lake 
 Emily swimming like a little fish

 Lots of fun on the playstation

Grandpa & Grandma with their 9 grandkids 
 Steve & Davee +4 (Austin, Tate, Maci, & Hadley)  
Peter & Sarah +3 (Emily, Noah & Sam) 
Paul & Laura +2 (Joey & Penny)
Steve, Steve, Peter, Cindy & Paul 
Preparing 4th of July fun 

Glitter balloon pop
Other misc. firework-ish stuff  :) 

 Rainy day solution: inflatable weapons :)
 Picnic lunch in Eagle Rock

Children's Museum fun

Emily in the giant bubble maker 

Dressing up as Dorothy and a fireman 
Uncle Paul consulting Joey on her hairstyle choices ;) 
 Post-rain swim back at the cabin

More storm clouds rolling in!

Post-storm boat ride 
Gorgeous views all around

 Especially at sunset!

Sleeping in 

The street sign says "Agony Point" which seemed fitting in regards to the awful number of mosquitos. 
This is where we were: 

Emily's picture of all of us at the cabin.

 On the drive to Orange City, Iowa, we made an unplanned stop at Minneapolis to get in just a little more time with Paul, Laura, Josephine & Penelope.
I loved watching these two together and wish they could see each other more often!

Caribou Coffee to help with the remainder of the drive

 Playing in Gpa & Gma Patches' front yard.

We were so glad that Great Grandma Shirley drove down to visit one day. 
 Bath time for Sammy :)

We've always taken photos of the kids in the giant wooden shoe, but the city took it down (due to vandalism??!? In Orange City?  Is that true?)  So I guess this bridge will be our new spot--at least for now.  :)

 Some of our favorites sights (and tastes) of OC 

Steve, Peter and Noah had a fun morning of golfing together in Alton.

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