Monday, August 18, 2014

July. (Back at home.)

We came home mid-July and although it was a wonderful trip,
it felt fantastic to be home
(except for the slight hiccup of no gas for a few days… but we survived)

Yummy bruschetta was one of the first things we made back home.
 And of course, we had to go to Disneyland--I mean, it had been almost a month, so we were definitely overdue.  ;)
Sammy was perturbed by the thought of needing a map for anything other than chewing on.
"C'mon Mom, this isn't my first (or second or third) visit… I don't need this!"
The real reason for our trip?  Daddy was directing the band! 

Daddy and his BFF at work: Mickey Mouse  ;) 

It was fun seeing the college band, too.
Crazy to think it has been over 10 years since Peter played with them. 
I love this picture his Aunt Jill took.  

 Sammy is (was) 4 months old, soon to be 5 months.
With Em and Noah I always said 3 months was my favorite baby stage.
I said that about Sam too… until he hit 4 months.  Then 4 months was my favorite.  Until the same thing happened with 5 months.  Now 5 months is my favorite.  :)
He is such an easy, happy baby.

 Look who gets to play in the exersaucer!

 My baby holding my other baby.
 Sweet brothers.
 Playing dress up with a friend in the backyard.
 5 months old.
SO big.
Chubby.  Chunky. Pudgy. Kissable.
Oh. my. goodness.
I just want to gobble this kid up!  :) 
 Emily and Noah were both pretty petite babies.
His baby rolls crack me up.
He has them all over… 
ankle rolls, knee rolls, armpit rolls and more!

 I am a blessed mama.
 I've started teaching the big kids how to help out more around the house.
Now they love to do laundry!
Parenting win for me!

VBS at Bell One

I love where we live.
Do I miss Iowa?  Sometimes, but this place is pretty hard to beat.  :) 

 I picked up this canvas at the thrift store for 45 cents.  Used a free sample of paint from Lowes along with some other paint and a paintbrush we had at home and transformed this canvas in less than 10 minutes for use on our new gallery wall!
 It's plain dark teal in this photo of our gallery wall in progress, but now it's finished and hanging on the wall.
Maybe I'll take a picture for next month.
 E & N spent the night with Uncle Mike and Aunt Jill.
We went to Hobby Lobby and this yummy pizza place in Burbank with Jill the next day when we drove to pick them up. 

 Sam's first solid foods!
(Rice cereal)

Swimming at Lenee's--we all had a blast and Sammy loved the water! 

Watching an episode of "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" inspired a full day of dress up, making a pirate ship out of a big cardboard box and more. 
 (They're showing off their sword, map and pixie dust while standing in their pirate ship.)

This pretty girl lost another tooth!

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