Friday, August 15, 2014

July Back Home

We came home mid-July and although it was a wonderful trip,
it felt fantastic to be home
(except for the slight hiccup of no gas for a few days… but we survived)

Yummy bruschetta was one of the first things we made back home.
 And of course, we had to go to Disneyland--I mean, it had been almost a month, so we were definitely overdue.  ;)
Sammy was perturbed by the thought of needing a map for anything other than chewing on.
"C'mon Mom, this isn't my first (or second or third) visit… I know where I'm going!"
Daddy was directing the band! 

Daddy and his BFF at work: Mickey Mouse  ;) 

It was fun seeing the college band, too.
Crazy to think it has been over 10 years since Peter played with them. 
I love this picture his Aunt Jill took.  

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