Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer Bucket List: 2014

The end of summer is here.  
School is right around the corner along with the question of: "What did you do this summer?"
I overheard my daughter's friend ask my daughter this the other day and her answer, "nothing, really" made me want to revisit some of our adventures--both for her sake and mine.
So, here is a glimpse of some of our summer fun!

Disneyland with Aunt Jill and Emily's friend, Caroline, to visit Daddy and celebrate Caroline's birthday.

Flying to Iowa

Sammy's first flight! 

Visiting Great Gramma Markee in Iowa City and introducing her to Samuel.

David & Natalie's Rehearsal Dinner

Emily got to be the flower girl for Uncle David & Auntie Natalie's wedding!

 From 5 Covingtons, 10 years ago, to 11 Covingtons & Connells today.
Family time at Grandpa & Grandma Sasha's 

 Making s'mores
 Catching fireflies/lightening bugs
Matching jammies 

Road tripping to northern Wisconsin  

4th of July parade and catching lots of candy and other treats
Crafting with cousins 

 Swimming in a lake

 Visiting with Connell grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins at the cabin

 more festive fun

Family picnic
 Childrens' Museum


Sleeping in 
 Specialty coffees (and teas) 

Exploring Orange City

Playing at parks
Watching marching bands (drum corps)

 Late night ice cream
 Celebrating 10 years!
 Exploring Iowa City
Child-free date night
 Visiting old friends
Painting gifts
 Seeing Gramma
 Celebrating weddings
 Playing at home
 First foods
Family beach days 

 Getting braver by the ocean
 Learning to body surf

 Toes in the sand

Lemonade Stand 
Exploring our home town down by the marina
 Do you see Sam and his stroller?
Watching the boats 
 Playdates and Sleepovers with friends

Afternoon movies
 Playing in the sprinkler
 Concerts in the park (and picnics!) with friends
 Watching Daddy work with Mickey Mouse
 Goofy baby pictures
 Learning new chores
Vacation Bible School at Bell One 

Walks on the beach at sunset 

 Getting some household projects checked off the list
 Sleepover at Uncle Mike and Aunt Jill's, then out for pizza lunch the next day
 Playing with and reading to baby brother
 Playing at more parks
Movie premiers in Hollywood 

 Wednesday pool days with friends

Evening strolls at different beaches
 More pool days
 Imaginative play at home

(This is Sam's mobile that I made) 
 Family photos in the backyard
Dodger baseball! 

A little bit of school work & Monday afternoon lessons/babysitter play time

Vacation Bible School at Emmanuel 

Cleaning and chores at home 

Unplanned napping

Playing in the backyard
 Play dates with friends

Sewing Sam's baby quilt
 More trips to Disneyland
(This is on the Buzz Lightyear ride.)
This day we stayed for fireworks, too.
 Trips to our new neighborhood Starbucks
 Thursdays at Mother's Bay with friends
Snuggling at home 

…all this and lots more.
Farewell to a fantastic summer!

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