Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Life: July Week 2

July 10-16

Sunday. 7.10
Today we checked out of the hotel, dropped Pete off in downtown San Diego and then I drove back to Long Beach with the kids. We went straight to Cami's first birthday party. Our house was a hot mess and it was a bit of a stressful evening, but we survived.

Monday. 7.11
Happy 7th Anniversary to us!
7 years ago we were married.
11 years ago we first met.
2 kids later... love you more than ever babe.

Tuesday. 7.12
Pete worked long hours at home.
Noah tried to eat his bunny.
Wednesday. 7.13
Emily had a play date with Jocelyn.
Pete worked more long hours at home.
These are some of his busiest days (...and nights) for work.

Thursday. 7.14
Em and I went to see Kathy.
Noah enjoyed sitting in his Bumbo seat.
I visited with a couple friends late tonight after the kids were in bed, while Pete worked.
Friday. 7.15.
Chiropractor (last appointment for awhile!)
Farewell BBQ @Andersons
Noah's wearing his daddy's old outfit.
It was cute to see him in it but he did NOT like it--I tried to snap a few pictures but even with his sister distracting him, these were the only ones when he wasn't crying.
Saturday. 7.16
Garage sale @ Andersons.
A semi-successful mini photo-shoot with Noah (that Emma decided to join in on).

Love. these. kids.
Technically, he's still in his 3rd month... until tomorrow... but the month by month stickers just arrived today, so I decided to get a few quick photos at '3 months'. :)
Isn't he adorable?!?

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