Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 4

January Week 4

January 22nd-28th

We ordered a box of organic, locally grown produce.
(My hubby is a teensy bit of a sucker for people selling stuff door to door... I think it's just because he's too nice to tell people no.)  :) 
My little man posing for some photos :)

...and then exploring his favorite drawer in the kitchen. 

...and I have a hilarious photo in my book...
...but it's kinda borderline inappropriate for the blog...
in any case, I don't think my son would appreciate it in ten years from now, but it'll be in our book, just not on the internet.  :)

Em, per usual, with a marker in her hand, making notes for her friends and loved ones.

The produce that was in the box pictured earlier.

Em wasn't too impressed with Impressionism, but she did love our day at the Getty.

Learning about some artists with Daddy.

Noah, taking in one of the galleries...
...and chewing on Mommy's fun "Chewbeads" necklace


Relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather.  Can you see Emily in this photo?

My sweet little baby bear :)

and my darling little girl

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