Monday, February 27, 2012

February 3

February Week 3
February 12th - 18th
Noah started drinking water from a sippy cup!

Flowers to me from Pete.  :) 

Flowers to Emily from Pete.  :)  :) 
 Emily and her valentine.
I guess I can share him with her.  :)

 Happy Valentine's Day!

Emily & me

Emily's attempt at taking a picture of us.  I don't know why we only tried once, but we did.
Happy Valentine's Day anyway!

 Saturday morning was beautiful.

Gotta love So Cal weather!

 Noah exploring the sandbox. . . 

This is my view most days... with this adorable little boy trying to climb up my leg.  :) 

 Noah is having a bit of separation anxiety and has not been letting us leave him with a babysitter.  
This means date nights at home after the kids are in bed with a glass of wine, yummy snacks, and movies or games.  :)  

As much as we love hanging out at home, I think we'll both be glad when this anxiety lets up and we can (occasionally) go out again.  :)

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