Monday, December 26, 2011

Our life: November Week 3

November Week 3
November 13-19, 2011

It's December 26th now.
I'm trying to wrap up the year, so I won't bother typing much here, but for those of you who miss seeing a glimpse of our life, and our kiddos growing up, I'll post photos.

Life has been crazy here for the past six or seven weeks.  Pete took an amazing gig, but one that means he has 8 shows a week... in San Diego.  It's tough... really, really tough... but we knew it would be.
Knowing what we know now would we do it again?  Who knows... but why waste time and energy second guessing it?!

In any case, our time is at a premium these days, but here are some overdue photos!

I re-organized all of the kids' clothes in one (chaotic) day... clothes from all closets, stored in the garage and everything.
This is what it looked like in the middle of the process as I had everything spread all over the living room!

 sweet sleepy boy

 he has a mouthful of teeth!

he already loves to play with this toy! 

 playing 'cootie'  :)
(This is a different day than the spaghetti pictures... she just loves her Hawkeyes and wants to wear her Hawkeye clothes constantly!)
my little girl loves to do everyone's hair and Grandma was a good sport!  
silly girls :) 

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