Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our Life: November Week 2

November 2011
11.6 - 11.12
This is the dinner that Em made for us while I was making enchiladas.
She was really sad when we told her we had to pick it up before we could eat our real dinner.
She asked me to take a photo of it.  No problem honey :)
(A girl after my own heart.)

Noah tried to sneak a chip. . .
Not yet, buddy.

Wait... I think we put the wrong kid in the exersaucer...

See his red cheek?  That's because he's getting 8 teeth right now.
In other Noah news... 
Look who's learning to crawl!!!

Look out world, here comes Noah!

Smile for Mama!

...or pull your sister's hair...

The normal mess on my desk at the elementary school.

Thursday was a big day for Pete...

he hired a couple sound engineers & a bunch of fellow professional musicians...

...and recorded some of his marching band music.
We are SO excited to hear the results... I came by to bring lunch for everyone and they sounded A.MA.ZING!

Music clips coming soon to his NEW Innovative Marching website!
(He also hired a new website designer--exciting times!)
The site's not quite ready, but it's up and running.
Check it out at:

See you next week! 

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  1. 8 teeth is NO FUN! Oh my goodness. Poor baby! We have one working on molars right now and I am ready to throw in the towel!
    Good luck. :)