Friday, November 11, 2011

Our Life: November Week 1

October-November 2011
10.30 - 11.5

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is not my favorite holiday, but it's still fun to see the kids all dressed up! 

Noah, Emily, Josie, Ella & Millie

(...and some of the grown ups too!)

 Thanks Stellingwerfs for hosting us all tonight, and for letting us borrow your cute little cow costume!

(Jamie made the costume Noah's wearing a couple years ago for her son, Hendrick, who is the fireman in the above photo that rescued his little kitty cat sister!)
 After the Halloween party we came home and went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.
We have the best neighbors!  :)
Emily & Ava
(We spent most of the evening with Ava's little brother who was dressed as Buzz Lightyear, so Em started saying she was Jessie.)  :) 

Saturday morning we went for a walk to look at the leaves.
(Yes, for those of you in the midwest, we do have some deciduous trees in California too.)

Happy November!

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