Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Life: September Week 4

September 25-October 1

This week I did two mini photo shoots with the kids.
(One for each of them.)
I love to do these, and usually I just take 10-15 minutes, once or twice a month, for the express purpose of capturing some photos.  
A lot of the photos aren't great, but I'm usually able to get at least a couple keepers. :)

The first one I took the kids in the backyard, set Noah up in a laundry basket with blankets, pillows and toys to keep him happy, and put Emily in her birthday dress to try to get a picture for her birthday.
(She insisted on wearing the yarn necklace that she made today in preschool.)

"Mommy, my birfday's coming up!"
"Yes, it is!  How old are you going to be?"

 This (photo above) is SUCH an Emily face.
She is our goofy, fun loving girl!

Happy (almost) 4th Birthday, darling girl!

Noah is six months old!  The time is FLYING by!
He wasn't too happy about mom taking pictures... we stopped and gave him a bottle, and then he was much happier!

 There's my happy little guy!
Sitting up all by himself! 

 Happy 1/2 birthday, Noah!
I love his little raised eyebrow--
This is his 'I love you' look.  :) 
Noah's an early reader ;)  
He's checking to make sure his toy is safe to chew on... 
Yep, great for chewing!

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