Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Life: October Week 2

October 9-15

The week of Em's rainbow party...

Here's the rainbow cake in progress, late Wednesday night, before it went into the freezer....

6 different layers: the red and orange are done baking, the rest are in their bowls waiting...

Saturday morning: the bounce house arrived!!

Saturday afternoon near the start of the party...
the table is set (and the food has already been dug into!)  :)

Our decorations are up...
(Emily decorated the lamp--her idea and all done by herself)

And this little girl is ready to party!

 Ashley, Emily, Jocelyn & Emily enjoying their rainbow slushies on the patio :)

The two BFFs making rainbow necklaces and coloring rainbow pictures
One of the rainbow pasta pages that one of the kids made :)

My cake turned out!
Yay!  :)
Two thumbs up for cake & ice cream!

 Even Noah had a fun day :)

Happy Birthday, Emily!! 

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  1. HOLY MOLY girl! I love it! I might have to do a rainbow party next year. :) it all looks AWESOME!