Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Life: October Week 1

October 2nd-8th

Pete flew back to the midwest for marching band again this weekend, and...

Uncle David to the rescue!!
 Super Uncle!! (doo-doo-doo!) 
((That's his new super hero theme song in case you were wondering!))
In all seriousness, it's wonderful, but exhausting to take care of these two by myself so it was really great that David flew out from Iowa to help.  I think we all had a fun weekend.  :) 
 Noah LOVED Uncle David :)
I wonder what Noah's thinking... 
'hmm, you sort of look like Mommy... but with a hairy face...' 

Emily loves him too... in fact when he first arrived she ran to her room and brought out this spin art painting she did last week at the 'Harvest Vegetable' (aka Harvest Festival) to give to him, and it has been her most prized possession as of late, but she wanted him to have it!

This week I started planning and prepping for Emily's birthday party.
We're having a rainbow theme and here's a peek at the invites.
(I had to cut them off so as not to post our address, phone #, etc. online) 
Part of my prep has been dyeing pasta which is really easy, but because it requires rubbing alcohol, our kitchen stinks, or as Pete put it, 'I feel like I'm at the doctor's office, about to get a shot whenever I walk in the kitchen!'


{Pictures from the party coming soon...}

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