Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our life: May Week 3

May 15-May 21

Sunday, May 15th
Noah's in his big boy clothes from Grandma Patches. :) Pete worked at the Carpenter Center today and tonight was our last Bible study for the school year. We finished up Beth Moore's Daniel study. In her words: "Daniel's done. Now didn't we have fun?"

Monday, May 16th
Noah and I each had doctor appointments today... his was this morning with Dr. Gill, and mine was this afternoon with the chiropractor.
Let me just say: I love his pediatrician! He actually took the time to talk to me and didn't treat me like a nuisance, or talk down to me like I'm an idiot.
Immunizations/vaccinations are very controversial, and for good reason, but I feel strongly that vaccinating my children is the loving thing to do for them.
I'm not preaching that it's right for everyone (though there is something to say for responsibility...), nor will I say that it's not scary, but for me, as a teacher who comes in contact with lots of beautiful children and their not-so-beautiful germs, I believe it's the right thing to do for my children. (Though we are following a delayed, alternative schedule.)
Noah's appointment went smoothly (after getting checked in... dumb insurance paperwork that went awry!) He is growing perfectly--right along the 50th percentile chart.

Tuesday, May 17th
Noah is cheerful as always, and this mama is relieved that he didn't develop a fever or anything immunization related. :) This afternoon I went in for a long-overdue hair appointment and now feel MUCH better. :)
Tonight Pete had a rehearsal with GSPO. (Golden State Pops Orchestra.)

Wednesday, May 18
My family arrived at LAX around 4pm and when they arrived I had a mini surprise dinner birthday 'party' for my dad. (Dodger dogs and decor of course!) His birthday was back in February, but they planned this trip out to celebrate his 60th birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Thursday, May 19
Go Dodgers!!
Tonight my parents took us all (well, everyone except Pete) to a Dodger game! We had fantastic seats! Pete had another GSPO rehearsal and couldn't come which was a bummer, but we had a great time even without him!
The Dodgers finally started playing in the 9th inning, but it was too little, too late. It would have been nice to see them beat the Giants, but we had fun regardless.
(Noah's sleeping in his car seat!)

Friday, May 20
After lunch, we (my parents and I) packed the kids into our cars and drove to Atascadero!
Pete, my brothers and Jill had to stay behind because Pete and Michael both had concerts. (They drove up late at night.)
My parents and I (with the kids) stopped here at In'n'Out on the way.

Saturday, May 21
We spent the day in Atascadero with family at Uncle Kevin and Aunt Felicia's.
These are all of my Grandma Cov's great grandchildren:
Noah, Emily, Brady, Benji, Daniel, Oliver, Jaden, Sam & Charlie
A few fun facts: these kids only represent 3 of her grandkids (Matthew, Kendall & myself), Emily is her only great granddaughter (obviously), and Daniel & Noah are less than a week apart in age! (Though they don't look it!!)
Grandma Cov and her three sons. :)
Happy (almost) Birthday, Grandma!!!

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