Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our life: May Week 1

May 1st-May 7th

Sunday, May 1
Today we spent a lot of time cleaning out the garage. We are planning on having a garage sale this weekend and I can't wait to have a bunch of this stuff out of the house and garage!!
Photo Coming Soon: a picture of the boxes in the garage.

Monday, May 2nd
Jocelyn came over for a playdate at our house this morning. She and Em had a blast :)
I visited the chiropractor, and then took Emily to her dance class this evening.

Tuesday, May 3rd
Funny story... Pete's iPad2 was scheduled to arrive today.
The UPS truck came and sat in front of our house.
My husband stood by the window waiting like a small child... watching... waiting some more...
...and then the truck pulled away.
no iPad.
Pete was disillusioned...
...and then half an hour later the UPS truck came back!
...with Pete's iPad!

Wednesday, May 4th
Today we took the kids to Mothers' Beach and had a great time.
I can't believe we hadn't been to that beach before!
Check out my little man in his first swim suit on his first day at the beach!
(Most of the time I hung out with him in the shade.)

Thursday, May 5th
Pete was busy with work today so I snuggled with this little guy on the couch while his big sister took a nap.

Friday, May 6th
Today we worked on finding, sorting, cleaning and pricing stuff for our garage sale. It was a lot of work but I'm glad to be getting it done!
Also, Noah giggled for Pete today! (His first giggle!) It was SO cute! :)

Saturday, May 8th
We are exhausted! The garage sale was a lot of work, but fortunately Noah slept "through the night" (7.5 hours--that's a new record for him!) so we were able to get a little more sleep than we usually do. We gave away a lot of stuff at the end of our sale, but we are so happy that's gone, and we made some money too!
Pete snuck out to pick up lunch, and he came back with "part one" of my mother's day gift, these beautiful flowers (of which this photo does not do justice!). The bowl that they are arranged in is lined with some cool giant type of leaves... it was a gorgeous arrangement. Thanks babe!

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