Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our Life: March Week 5

March 27th - April 2nd

So, sleep deprivation has set in over here, and that combined with the 100s of pictures... okay, 1000s of pictures that are being taken, there's NO WAY that I have the energy to narrow those down to seven, nor do I have the time to edit my photos.
Maybe in a few months when we start sleeping again...
For now, here you go: very little narration, and a whole slew of photos.

Sunday {3.27}
She wants to take care of her baby just like mommy takes care of baby Noah
and yes, some photos I take the time to crop, because let's just say the rest of this photo is not something I want on the internet!! ha!

{Mommy and Noah}
This photo is pre-awful-gallbladder-attack.
If anyone that reads this watches "Modern Family", I felt like Phil, in the episode when he has kidney stones... in fact, Pete turned on that episode to make me laugh and distract me from the awful pain. :)

Monday {3.28}
Noah's first trip to the park... and first stroller ride!

he slept through almost the whole thing!

while Daddy played with Emily

Emily, Noah & Mommy on the swings

Later on Monday {3.28}
My friend, Jamie came over with Hendrick to bring us dinner and play for a bit.
Emily went to give Hendrick a hug before he left, and he planted a big kiss on her. :)

Tuesday {3.29}
Noah @ 12 days old.

Wednesday {3.30}
Today was Pete's 31st birthday.
Happy birthday, babe!
Emily went to daycare for a few hours today and Mom and Dad (and Noah) went out for a nice, quiet yet celebratory lunch down at the beach.
Napping on the couch back at home with Mom and big sister Emily.
Daddy received lots of nice presents (including an iPad2) but I think this new little addition to our family was his favorite gift of all. :)
(awww... how sappy!)

Thursday {3.31}
Our little guy does NOT like having his picture taken so I tried to snap a few while he slept...
...but anytime I moved him, he woke up and showed me his discontentedness. ("Discontentedness"... is that even a word?! It sounds better than just 'discontent'!)

Look at all those wrinkles!!

Friday {4.1}

Saturday {4.2}
Well... Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday afternoon I had TERRIBLE gallstone attacks! Saturday all I had eaten was a piece of dry toast (aka: warm bread) in the morning and then a small bowl of cheerios with non-fat milk and a banana!!
My new plan: stop eating entirely. :\
He's so cute... I could just gobble him up!
...but that too would probably cause a gallbladder attack ;)

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