Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Life: April Week 1

April 3rd - April 9th

Oh what a week!!!

Sunday {4.3}
No photos. I'm in a bit too much pain to take pictures. :(
I had ANOTHER attack today and ate NOTHING, just drank water.
I called the doctor on call and she said to take more vicodin and they'd call in an emergency referral to a surgeon in the morning.

Monday {4.4}
Day 3 (I think?) of no food...
I didn't have another attack... but I'm exhausted beyond belief...
My primary care physician called at 9am though and I had an appointment with a surgeon this afternoon. After the appointment I had blood work done, and I'm going back in for surgery on Wednesday. Yes, that means 2 abdominal surgeries in less than 3 weeks!! Yikes!

Tuesday {4.5}
Well... to summarize: my wonderful mom flew out to help us tonight (yes, she just went home not long ago)...hours after her plane took off, my was surgery cancelled due to the results of my blood work... and now I have an MRI scheduled for tomorrow morning.
I'm still not eating which is now making nursing quite difficult. (TMI? Maybe.)
(Clearly, from the chaotic but honest photo above you can see we will really appreciate having some help around here!)

Wednesday {4.6}
I didn't have surgery, but I still went to the hospital in order to have an MRI.
The Andersons brought us dinner tonight and Emily was happy to play with Julia while the parents visited. :)
I ate some chicken broth and 4 saltine crackers. It was heavenly.

Thursday {4.7}
The surgery is rescheduled for this coming Monday morning.
Ironically it's during the only 24 hour period of time when we won't have one of our mothers here to help us. Fortunately we have good friends to help us at times like this.
Oh... and I decided to face my fears of pain and eat: cheerios in the morning and chicken noodle soup (minus the chicken) with crackers in the late afternoon! YAY! :)
Emily and Noah snuggling in bed with Grandma Sasha in the early morning.

Friday {4.8}
Since my mom is here and I have the extra help (and things are going to get more difficult before they get easier) I decided to tackle some projects around the house today.
{my boys} :)

Saturday {4.9}
Pete worked this afternoon and evening with Golden State Pops Orchestra.
I'm SO thankful that my mom is here. (Have I mentioned that yet?) :)

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