Thursday, August 13, 2009

July 18

On Saturday, in the late afternoon, we were all hanging out at my parents' house and the boys decided to make up a new game with the Ladder Ball game.  The object of their game was similar to that of the original, being that you toss the balls and try to land them on the ladder to receive points.  Howev
er, they added an element of frisbee golf, moving the ladder to different (hard to reach) locations each round.  Unfo
rtunately I missed the toss that put the balls in the tree, but came outside to see a pair of blue balls hanging from a tree limb 40 feet overhead.

Over the next hour or two the boys tried just about everything to retrieve the balls.  They threw other balls, shoes, giant metal poles, even bigger PVC pipes... it was hilarious.  Eventually they realized throwing things wasn't going to help, so......out came the duct tape.  Each boy (my father included) went looking to see who could find the biggest stick (hm.)   Several crude jokes and a roll of duct tape, the balls came down.  :)

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