Sunday, March 1, 2009

February 9, 2009

What a sweetheart!  Em is giving hugs and kisses to everyone lately.  (We'll have to curb this behavior before she turns 16, but for now it's adorable!)  The recipient of this hug is her teddy bear that was purchased by a family ahead of us in line at the dollar store a month or two ago.  They thought she was just adorable and should have a teddy they bought it for her, and had to count out their nickles and dimes in order to purchase it.  It was so sweet that I almost cried.  The wife asked her husband (in Spanish) if they could afford to buy it for her.  I usually don't eavesdrop, but when I realized what they were doing, I wanted to make sure I understood them correctly.  So sweet and generous. :)

Also, you can sort of see, Em has been wearing her hair in pigtails lately, and they're adorable.  This look this is what her hair looks like post-pigtails.  :)

And yes...she's sitting in a basket :)

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