Tuesday, July 8, 2014

May {twenty fourteen}

May 2014

I'm back at work now, so our afternoon cuddles are extra special.  :)
 Mother's Day towels for Grandma

(If I remember correctly, this was our first date sans all 3 children)

Our beautiful jacaranda tree

Wearing his "Wild about Auntie" to meet Uncle Mike for lunch on his (Michael's) birthday.

Mother's Day snuggles

 Bath time!

Jamba Juice on 2nd street with my boys on Wednesday morning.
 We purchased some new summer clothes for Emily and she's super excited.
Oy.  We had a few bad days with power outages, record high temps, bugs and other nasty surprises.
I'd rather not think much more about it, so I'll leave you this picture of one of our candles and move on. :)

Flower girl dress shopping!

Disneyland with Lenee and Nathan after the VCS Staff Social.

Peter was playing with a swing band and we went to watch and listen. 

Adorable, right?

E & N have been spending a lot of time playing together and I'm so thankful that they get along so well.

We've been taking daily walks through the neighborhood. 

 2 (and a half) months old!

We went down to San Diego and caught a Twins game with our friends Mike and Sarah

Swimming at the hotel pool the next morning.

VCES Art Show

Shopping for fabric to make decorations for David's rehearsal dinner 

Comparing shades of teal around our living room

Mother's Day Breakfast in bed


Napping in his swing while I fold laundry

we spend many hours playing with cars 

she certainly loves her baby brother 

I bought this "not too little to giggle" onesie from Carters when I was pregnant with Emily.   
 It was the first item of baby clothes that I ever purchased for our kids.  
 (Along with it, I bought 2 other onesies, one is green and says "sleepyhead", 
and one is orange and says "warning: may cause sleepless nights".)
Now I have pictures of all three kids wearing this.  :)

cutest. baby. ever. 

Posing in his handmade hat and bib from Jenn.

End of the Year All Orchestra Night

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