Tuesday, July 15, 2014

June 2014: part 1

Welcome, Summer!

We had a couple weeks of school at the beginning of June, but they were filled with lots of special events and it's definitely feeling like SUMMER!
 Em was watching me spray paint in the back yard.  We were painting trays from the dollar store to make chalkboards for Uncle David's rehearsal dinner.
Each coat had to dry 24+ hours, but eventually she got to try them out.  :)

Sunday morning gig with Peter.
I don't play professionally much at all anymore, so it's a fun change of pace when the opportunity arises.  (…and by "fun" I mean surprisingly stressful until it's over because I don't want to mess up!)

On the school bus with my little girl en route to the VC Kindergarten harbor cruise.

Fun on the boat with friends!  
(The lighthouse in the background is where we had lunch after the cruise.)
 Looking at the Queen Mary
the Long Beach Port 
 Tide Pools!
Exploring the tide pools with Kaylie after lunch 

It was a 2 field trip day!  After the kinder field trip we caught up with the middle schoolers at Disneyland so I could fulfill my chaperoning duties there.
Tuesday was Sports' Day.
Last year I volunteered and it was fine, but I didn't really get to see Emily.
This year I followed her group around, watching and taking pictures.
It was so much more fun.
I'm a proud mommy.  :)
 This year, her team was the Dodgers.

 Go Dodgers!
Matching Dodger t-shirts with her brother.

 He loves to line up all his cars, trains, planes, etc.
I'm not sure whether it's an organizational thing or if he's just pretending they're all stuck in traffic ;)

 Three months is my very favorite age for my babies.
They're less fragile, more responsive, but still small and cuddly.
 Be still, my heart.

Notice anything funny here?
Noah got himself dressed…
and he's wearing Sam's pants!

Sweet 3 year old Noah is about the 5th percentile for height and weight while his 3 month old baby brother is almost off the charts for both!  I just wonder, how long do you think it'll be until Sammy is bigger than Noah?

 Today was Noah and Sammy's last day at Ms. Kathy's house.
We decided to send Noah to preschool next year, so it was his final day with her.
Thanks, Ms. Kathy, for lovingly caring for our kids all these years!!

 Emily's last day of kindergarten!!
She's growing up too fast!

After school she had a haircut and Ms. Carmen braided her hair afterwards.  :)

Happy Father's Day, Pete!!
He is a great daddy to these kiddos.
We are so thankful for him!
After letting him sleep in a few hours, I gave the kids the 'ok' to go wake him up.
They ran to our room to tackle him awake.  :)
One of his gifts was this awesome corn hole set I had made by our friend, Eric, and painted in Twins colors :)   (I made the bags to match, too.) 

Today  I took all 3 kids to the beach by myself.
It was no small feat, but the kids had fun and we all survived.
I call that a success!
I tried to carry them in, but the woke up so we had a middle of the day bath before rest time. 
 Sweet, sleepy, chubby baby.

Emily's friend, Caroline, celebrated her 7th birthday with her family at Disney.
Aunt Jill came with me and the kids to meet Caroline and her family at the park and we had a fun day all together.
At this set of Pete's "Straw Hatters" group, Emily faced Donald Duck in a battle for the title of "World's Best Drummer"… Emily won.  :)
There definitely are perks to Peter working at Disneyland!
Yay for Mickey Mouse!

The next day was Caroline's "real" birthday party.
The Reptile Zoo came and here is Em with some of the other kids holding a huge snake.
(Em is second to the right in this photo.)
 It was also a pool party.  The kids had fun.
I was exhausted trying to keep an eye on both Emily and Noah in the pool while also caring for Sammy.  (Plus, it was 95+ degrees out and I was trying to make small talk with other parents I didn't really know, and we were there over 4 hours, so yes, by the time we left I was completely exhausted, but the kids had a blast.)

 Peter took the kids on a morning bike ride to get donuts.
 Yay for donuts with Daddy!

June 24… not *quite* 4 months, but tomorrow we fly to Iowa, so today we took his pictures!
On FB: "I lift my eyes up to the hills--where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth. … The LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore." -from Psalm 121. This little guy's first flight today will kick off a very busy and very wonderful part of our summer.  I'm thankful that God watches over us everyday, and even more so on days like today. — with Peter Connell. 

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