Friday, March 23, 2012

March 2

March: Week 2

Daddy's so entertaining :) 
 ....but excuse me for a minute... I need to send a quick text...
 This is a poor quality photo, but I was trying to not let her notice me while I snapped this photo.

Grandpa & Grandma Sasha were here!

Playtime with Grandpa.

Gardening with Grandma.

 My parents failed to instill a love of gardening in me, so they're trying again, 
now with their granddaughter.
Works for me, because I get beautiful flowers without having to do it myself!
Thanks!  :)

 Meeting Ethan Schrock on his birthday.

 Speaking of birthdays... this little boy will be ONE tomorrow.

 Which makes this the perfect day to take his "11 Month" photos.  :)
Who me?!?  Procrastinate?  Nah...

Grandpa & Grandpa Patches wished Noah a happy birthday via FaceTime.
Noah was fascinated and perplexed as to how his grandparents got inside of his dad's iPad.

 His sister gave him a giant green playground ball for his birthday.
This was probably the best $2 I've spent in quite awhile because he LOVED it!

Noah helped Grandpa put together his gift from Gpa & Gma,
 and after nap time, we had a party!
...and of course... it rained. 
Happy Birthday, Noah! 

 We love you darling boy!

In other news, Noah has decided that he likes Aunt Jill... 
the jury's still out on Uncle Mike though.  ;)

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