Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy First Birthday, Noah!!


Is it possible?
Is my baby really ONE already?

Ugh.  Wow.  That was FAST!

My sweet little boy-
You are too young to remember any of this day, but just know-YOU ARE LOVED.

Saturday, March 17th was Noah's birthday and we threw a little party.
As was expected... it rained.
It rained the day he was born.  It rained on the day we brought him home from the hospital.
It rained on the day he was baptized, and today-
-today was one of the biggest rain storms we've seen this year.

If it rains again next year, I might think about starting to build an ark.  :)

So, we moved the party inside and enjoyed our day anyway.

This is the birthday sign I made in my photoshop class.

Cake, cupcakes & cucumber-mint water. 
oh--and the tablecloth was on clearance at Target for under $5!

 pretzel cigars and chocolate moustache lollipops

 Our little man in his bow tie from
Thanks Andrea!

Hahaha, this just makes me laugh.  :)

 Josie, Kelley & Becca

 Mommy & Noah

 "I mustache you to try to take me seriously.  Can't you see-- I'm all grown up now."
Noah and his grandparents. 
What's so funny?

 I originally had a photo booth planned... but it was set up to be outside, and a no go with the rain :(
Josie (and several others) were good sports to try the props even without the photo booth.

 Kurt & Hendrick

 Our little man watching part of a March Madness game



Jamie, Annaliese & Kelley

The big sister :)

Mmmm.  Cake. 

He tasted the first bite and then looked up as if to say
 "Really, Mommy?  This is for me?"  :)

 Moustaches and beer.  Nice.

 Em, Miss Nae Nae, Aunt Jill, Gma Sasha & Uncle Mike

Cami & Tracey

  We love you so much, baby boy.

The birthday boy and family

 Favor bags sitting by the birthday sign.

 A green cake for our lucky little man.

I forgot to take a photo earlier while there was daylight... but I had a photo from each month framed and on the mantel.  I like seeing them all lined up.  It's amazing how much change you can see that first year.

Last but not least, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. ;)

Happy birthday, Noah.  You are a treasure.

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