Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our Life: April Week 3

April 17th-April 23rd

My mother-in-law was here this past week and was a big help with the kids.
Thanks, Cindy!
While she was here, and since I had doctors orders for limited activity, I spent some time working on Noah's baby quilt, and almost finished it... there's just a bit more of the hand stitching of the binding to complete!
Noah reached his 1 month birthday on Sunday!
Here he is at exactly one month old! :)

...and here he is in his '1 month' onesie, the next day.
My sweet family :)
My boys

We have been having beautiful weather, so when our next door neighbor was going to get rid of this basketball hoop, I quickly snatched it up for Em.

Uncle Mike and Aunt Jill came over one night this week.
(Though now with my sleep deprivation I can't remember which day! It's currently 4:28am though and I'm up with Noah, so I have a good excuse!)
We spent a lot of time talking to Emily about Easter and Holy Week, trying to impress upon her what it's about... NOT the Easter Bunny.

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