Thursday, August 5, 2010

July Week 1

1st Week of July, 2010
OK, next problem due to no computer: photos are in reverse order.
Friday or Saturday we went to the zoo.
This photo was at the end of the afternoon when Emily was getting a little tired.
Emily loved the elephants and all of the displays over at "Elephant Odyssey"

Someone had to figure out where we were. :)

::making big ears like the elephants::

Emily wasn't very impressed with the elephants at first...
"EWWWW!!! STINKY!!! Mommy, no, I want go!! STINKY!!!"
::playing with daddy at the zoo::

our little excavator ;)

Upon entering the zoo,
Emily walked in and was immediately mesmerized...
yep, ducks.
we had to pry her away and insist that there would be other animals,
even more interesting than ducks.
I'll just say there were a few tears shed,
but she soon realized we were right and she cheered up again. :)
(p.s. I love that she's up on her tippy toes to get a better look!)
Welcome to the San Diego Zoo!

On Tuesday (or was it Wednesday?) we all went down to San Diego for Pete's first week of "Robin and the 7 Hoods".
Emily playing on our bed at the Residence Inn.

We unpacked some of her toys, books and blankets and she immediately found this cozy little nook to lay down and read.

The 4th of July...
before we went to watch fireworks we stopped at McD's for an ice cream cone
(it was the only place open!)

I love these two!
::feeling patriotic::
Dinner outside on a BEAUTIFUL evening.
At the end of Petapalooza, Emily and Peter had the bounce house to themselves :)
[I don't know who liked it more!!]

The 1st Annual Petapalooza 4th of July Block Party!!
This was a lot of fun...
our neighborhood closed off the street and had an old fashioned block party,
complete with a bbq, bike parade and dessert contest :)

::getting ready for church in the morning::

Happy 4th of July!

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