Sunday, June 6, 2010

June: Week 1

May 30-June 5


way. too. busy.

this was 'supposed' to be a 4 day work week...

but instead of 32 hours...

I put in over 64 hours.

yes... more than twice that.

Sunday, after church, before the craziness began.
Oops, this photo is from Tuesday.
Emily's hair in two sweet little french braids. :)
Tuesday: tech week for the show.
Erin and a couple of other super parents and colleagues helped us pull it all together!
Wednesday, at one of our dress rehearsals.
Thursday, time for a cast photo:
these are my kiddos :)
Friday, after the show.
{huge sigh of relief}
Tonight was fantastic!
We sold out the show and the kids did wonderfully!
Today's show went well too.
Afterwards we went to the cast party at Robin's house.
As glad as I am to have this over and done with,
I am going to miss these kids. :)
Emily had a BLAST at the party!
Those 8th graders were super sweet to her,
playing with her in the pool and giving her lots of attention. :)
Summer is so close... I can just about taste it!!!

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