Monday, March 1, 2010

February Week 4

February 21st-February 27th

Em asked me to dance while I was cleaning the kitchen.
She sang "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream...",
which sounded like:
"I no you I wa-wa you wa-wa waaa-wa tree"

How can you resist this much cuteness?
I guess the dishes will have to wait. :)

We're getting better... but still taking our fair share of this stuff.

I look awful, but have to include this photo because my Project Life kit came!
This photo makes me laugh...
Can you guess where we are?



You probably didn't guess, Disneyland, huh?
The "Happiest Place On Earth" with all sorts of stuff to see and our daughter is most fascinated by the hand sanitizer stuff :)
I took this one (bad) photo and then my camera battery died.
Oh well, there will be many other trips to "Mickey's House" to document with beautiful photos :)

Checking facebook to see if our friends had their baby yet.
Kaeley Grace was born Friday night!

Emily {hearts} her Uncle Mike!
{we do too...}
{but we leave the kisses for Emily}
{And we LOVE that he lives so close by!}


  1. Oh I love your pictures!

    Your girl is so adorable!!! My house is a mess but my kid is very happy so big kuddos for you dancing with your daughter!!!