Sunday, March 15, 2015

Time Flies

Time Flies!
I haven't updated this blog in ages, and my baby is ONE!!

We celebrated with a "Time Flies" vintage airplane themed first birthday party.
It was so much fun, and pretty simple, except for the cardboard airplane that Pinterest said was "quick and easy"... Pinterest lied.  ;)

Some of our decor was missing in this photo because it was in the birthday boy's room, and he was still napping.   This photo has the sky parfaits though.  I had put them back in the fridge to stay cool when I shot the other pictures.  They were tasty and super easy--just blue jello and cool whip in plastic wine glasses from the dollar tree.
Adorable and delicious cookies courtesy of Dutch Girl Cookies
 Smash cake, also by Dutch Girl Cookies
Baby boy's monthly belly sticker pictures on the quilt I made for him were part of the inspiration for the party. I printed the pictures as wallets at Costco, printed out this saying and glued it all together.  
My quick and easy airplane cake. 
The birthday boy with his airplane! 
 His big sister and brother made the clouds by pulling apart cotton balls and gluing them to poster board cloud shapes.  The backdrop is just a dollar store tablecloth and a few blue streamers.
The aviator cap was only $4 on Amazon and super cute! 
The airplane only cost us about $5 for 1 bottle of spray paint (we used other bottles from old projects).  The plane took a diaper box (for the body), a large cardboard box (wings and propeller), blue painters' tape, and the spray paint can lid, and WAY too much time.  It was cute though.

My 3 cuties 

A simple cloud "welcome aboard" sign with paper pennant for the front door. 

Our mantel.  I wish you could see the banner hanging from the top of the mirror! 
Friends and Family 

 Gliders (from Oriental Trading) and paper airplane supplies (kit from Target Dollar Spot), book borrowed, along with runway/landing strips nearby on the ground.  The Dumbo was one of his birthday gifts from me.  (I sing "Baby Mine" from "Dumbo" to him as a lullaby every night.)

 Happy Birthday, Sammy!

 He loved his cookie and cake!
Eventually I cut him a piece and put the rest away. 

He made such a mess, he had to take a break from the party for a quick bath 
 Photo books from this year and baby books were displayed with the desserts.

Thanks for flying by!!

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