Wednesday, July 21, 2010

June: Week 2 (+)

June Week 2 and Sunday/Monday of Week 3
This was the last week of school!!!
Thank goodness :)
It was a busy week, trying to get everything wrapped up,
but even still I felt like the weight of the world was off of my shoulders
now that our concerts and musical is over.
Monday was Disneyland day, where we take (almost) the entire middle school to Disneyland.
After riding the bus there and getting the students into the park, I met up with Pete and Emily and we enjoyed our morning there as a family.
Emily saw a painting of "I know you" and immediately climbed on the bench to get a better look.

Doin' the 30 day shred with mom (who took a temporary leave to get the camera) and dad :)

so many flowers...
Clean Up! Clean Up! Everybody, everywhere!
Clean Up! Clean Up! Everybody do your share!
We gave Em some new blocks and she built this giant castle :)
ahhh... our new favorite salad

a quick family snapshot before our walk


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