Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 5

Sunday, April 5th, 2008.

It started out as a nice Sunday.
We went to church.
We came home to play in the backyard and eat lunch.
We decided to drive down to the beach.....  
Pete and I were packing the car... where's Em?  She's awfully quiet...


The funny part is that this isn't her first offense...

August 31st, 2008.
Mommy's (exact same) Purple Ink Pad.

When I found her with the ink back in August I was a nervous new mom who called poison control (even though it says 'non-toxic').  I put her in the bath and then when all of the ink wouldn't come off I powdered her nose to make it less obvious and calm down my husband (who it turns out believes purple ink is deadly).  :)  
Then I put the ink pad far, far away.  
I don't think I used it again... or even knew where it was... until yesterday.  
I just so happened to be scrapbooking a page for the August 'ink pad incident' pictures and decided to use the purple ink pad...  

So there it was, sitting in the guest room, on my scrapbook table.  Apparently it must send out baby signals or smells because she has never bothered any of my other art supplies, but this particular ink pad she has tried to eat.  twice.

Time to throw it away I guess... well, maybe after I scrapbook today's incident :)

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